Accounting, Book Keeping, Finance and QuickBooks Training:

  • Qualified and Accredited Finance Trainer 
  • 40+ years Experience and Hindsight to share with you
  • Generic and Bespoke Training Courses available
  • Providing Practical Ideas and Solutions
  • Training for Business Owners, Individuals and Finance Staff
  • For Part-Time, Start Ups and Self Employed to Large Companies

Penny Lowe, the founder of Wellington Consulting, is a Qualified Accountant, Author and Accredited Trainer. She has taught at colleges and universities as well as writing and delivering bespoke courses for businesses from small, below VAT thresholds right up to large organisations with multi-million pound turnovers

Financial Training – Accounting and Bookkeeping Training

With over 40+ years of experience together with the accreditations and qualifications held by Penny, we are proud to offer a wide range of financial training courses including QuickBooks training.

Whether you own or manage the accounts for a large company right through to starting up or running a part-time business, we have a lot of experience and hindsight to share with you. 

Our approach to training is the same as our accounting; we are very proactive and keen to share with you ways to help you make savings and become more profitable.

Our office near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire includes a teaching room for classroom or one-to-one training, however we can provide accountancy training courses anywhere in England and Wales by arrangement or online.

Penny regularly uses e-learning technologies for those times where face to face training and teaching isn’t convenient. 

To find out more about Penny Lowe, please visit our About Us page.


Accountancy Training Courses


If you’d like to find out more about our affordable QuickBooks, Accounting or Book Keeping training courses, even if we don’t have a specific course or lessons listed below, please email us or call for a no obligation chat as we will be able to tailor the training to your individual needs. 

We organise and deliver generic and bespoke financial training courses in:

Financial training for managers

Finance for new business owners

5 steps to financial confidence, for owners of growing businesses

QuickBooks – basic to advanced training

QuickBooks for Accountants

Sage to QuickBooks conversion course

General training in any aspect of book-keeping and accountancy you need

Some of our more popular Finance and Accounting Training Courses are:

Understanding Your Accounts

The course is a great way to experience a hands-on learning approach to Penny’s book, Understanding Your Accounts for the UK Business Owner (Complementary copy included). It provides knowledge of what figures you need to focus on in your business and why; and is tailored for owners of smaller businesses who want to increase profits.

Finance for Business Owners

This course teaches skills beyond the basic understanding of accounts and includes topics such as creating budgets, cash flow implications of your plans and how to involve other staff in creating a profitable business. Also available as a private course to help you grow your business.


A growing number of courses are being developed so that you can learn at your own pace and a time that suits you. Many of these courses have originally been taught in the classroom so we know the types of questions you might want to ask or the areas that need extra explanation. Some of these are available direct on other web sites. Please so we can give you the appropriate link.

Bespoke distance learning over the Internet

We can provide training over the internet via GoToMeeting meaning we can see your screen, or you can see ours. This is a great way to take advantage of our training if meeting at your premises or ours would prove too costly. Sessions can be recorded for review later, and because there are no travel costs or expenses, rates are very reasonable.

QuickBooks Consultancy

A face to face demonstration of what QuickBooks can do for you can be an eye-opener. Even if you are a seasoned user you will benefit from learning about the extra capabilities that have been built in to QuickBooks over the years. Similarly, novices or part-time users will gain an insight into the best way to use the software to save time and money.

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If you would like more information on any of our services including Accounting, Book Keeping, QuickBooks Training, Business Coaching, Advice and Consultancy, Financial Training or Financial and Tax Advice, please call Penny Lowe, your local and friendly accountant in Herefordshire on 01989 730713 or Use Our Contact Form to book a free, no-obligation chat to explore how we can help you; whether it's working with you on a regular basis, providing ad-hoc advice or delivering training to help you keep it in-house.

We are based between Ross-on-Wye and Hereford in Herefordshire, however, we are able to work with you online anywhere.

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