Helping You Understand Your Accounts and Plan Ahead:

  • Cash and profit assessment and improvement plans
  • Using plain and simple language
  • Helping you see beyond the numbers
  • Providing practical ideas and solutions
  • Understanding your goals
  • Keeping you in touch with business issues

In order to grow profitably and efficiently, first you need to understand your accounts.

Wellington Consulting can help you analyse your figures and records to pinpoint aspects of your business that need extra attention.  You may have areas of the business that are failing to provide a reasonable return for the effort or resources you are putting in.

We can prepare forecasts, plans and budgets all tailored to your specific needs and the way your business operates; helping you understand your accounts so you can make informed decisions based on facts. 


Benefits of Understanding Your Accounts

Another huge benefit of understanding your accounts is the ability to flag future problems early enough to take evasive action.  Planning ahead is key to growing a profitable and stress free business, so chat to us to not only get your accounts in order, but use them to develop and strategically grow your business.

We are licensed to offer advice and help find sources of finance to suit your future plans.

In essence, we will formulate a plan of action to get your business where you want it to be and when; all the while monitoring performance and tweaking procedures as we go.

Being able to get advice and benefit from our 40+ years of business and finance experience and hindsight just when you need it is a valuable asset we’re more than willing to share.

We can help you Assess, Manage and Create Plans for the following:


  • Cash & Profit Improvement
  • Management accounts
  • Business plans and forecasts
  • Cashflow
  • Financial monitoring
  • Budgets
  • Sources of finance / corporate finance advice
  • Strategic planning

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