Thank you for your interest in Wellington Consulting’s Building a Better Business’ programme. This has been created by Penny Lowe, who has over 30 years experience of accountancy, business consultancy and business personnel training, and is designed to help owners and managers of small and medium sized business improve the performance of their businesses.

Here you will find a wealth of useful articles, guides and easy to understand business aids that will help you analyse your figures and records to pinpoint aspects of your business that are failing to provide a reasonable return for the effort or resources put in as well as providing advice on how to avoid the mistakes that cost you money.


Every business is different but the principles of business are the same, whatever you are doing. These articles are designed to be thought-provoking so that you look at your business in a different way.

There are no simple answers, but there are simple questions that will point you in the direction of success and profit. 

5 simple steps

5 Simple Steps To Saving Your Business From Running Out Of Cash

7 costly mistakes 1

7 Costly Mistakes When Reviewing Your Accounts


What should be on an invoice?

Please take a moment to explore what’s on offer. All documents in this area can be emailed to you free of charge. Just select the ones of interest. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need answers to specific queries.


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